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Microsoft SQL Database Administrator (DBA)


Holiday Systems International (HSI) is a technology company, a travel aggregator and a private client service company providing a wide variety of exclusive benefits to a niche market of select international clientele. Founded in 1993, HSI is a fast-paced rapidly growing industry leader.


The Data Base Administrator (DBA) is responsible for providing technical support for the database environment including overseeing the development and organization of the databases, assessment and implementation of new technologies, and providing Information Technology with a long-term perspective on the relationship of database technology to the business opportunities facing the company. It is extremely important to the company that on-line processing database systems offer the highest reliability and performance possible. The DBA is challenged to work with architecture, application development and operations to help achieve a state-of-the-art environment that meets current and future business objectives. Trains and develops technical support and applications staff to better utilize on-line processing databases environment. Provides and designs tools to assist in the management of the database and transaction processing environment. Works to provide a working model of our transaction processing environment for capacity assessment and planning. This position has highly specialized technical requirements and qualifications that include education, knowledge and training in database architecture, database design, database security, performance tuning, client-server computing, online/offline data store and reporting, and specific experience with the Microsoft SQL family of products.


  • •20%: Provide Specialized Technical Support
  • •20%: Development/Architecture/Design/Organization of Database
  • •10%: Assessment/Implementation of New Technologies
  • •20%: Relationship Database to Business Opportunities/Performance Tuning
  • •10%: Training/Development of Technical Support
  • •20%: Management of Database/Transactions/Processing/Security/Microsoft SQL


  • •BE or BS Degree in one of the following subject areas: Computer Science, Business Administration, Information Technology or related field preferred
  • •2 -3 years MS-SQL Administration with strong understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and practices
  • •1-2 years SQL report writing
  • •Understanding of, and experience with, server-client computing and relational database environments
  • •Experience with data management and data processing flowcharting techniques
  • •Knowledge of reporting and query tools and practices
  • •Experience in creating, scheduling and administering jobs in SQL Server.
  • •Good understanding of the organizations goals and objectives
  • •Good interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  • •Technical documentation skills
  • •Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language
  • •Self motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail
  • •Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  • •Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • •Good written and oral communication skills
  • •SQL Server 2008/12
  • •Database Administration
  • •Database Tuning
  • •Database Management
  • •Database Security
  • •RDBMS
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