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Holiday Systems International (HSI) is a technology company, a travel aggregator and a private client service company providing a wide variety of exclusive benefits to a niche market of select international clientele. Founded in 1993, HSI is a fast-paced rapidly growing industry leader.


The Call Center Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Travel Sales and Customer Care departments. This role is responsible for ensuring business operations’ efficiency and effectiveness by implementing proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services. In addition, the Call Center Manager works closely with the Upper Management Team in the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver products and services to the customers.


  • •Oversees and manages the day-to-day operations and strategic planning activities of the call center departments, which include but not limited to B2B, Customer Care, Travel Sales, Quality Assurance, etc.
  • •Identifies, plans, implements and manages strategic capabilities essential to customer experience including but not limited to program/product delivery, data management, customer contact management and partner management.
  • •Provides leadership and strategic visioning to ensure that the short-term and long-term goals and objectives are met by being responsible for leading, training, developing, coaching, and retaining high performance teams for all departments. As a leader, the Call Center Manager must have the ability to motivate and lead high performance management teams in every department and be responsible in staffing key talent to carry out operational and financial goals of the business.
  • •Directly responsible for research, development, benchmarking and implementation of industry’s best practices in departments, products, services, leadership, technology and business management.
  • · As one of the call center operational expert and leader, the Call Center Manager oversees and manages business planning and analysis, organizational alignment, process design and development of infrastructure for the call center.
  • •As one of the key executives, the Call Center Manager routinely validates that the company has the proper operational controls, checks and balances, administrative reporting procedures and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and reinforces operational efficiency.
  • •Responsible for driving HSI’s sustainable growth, profitability and positive cash flow by collaborating with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the growth objectives.
  • · Is expected to be adept in problem-solving while offering innovative solutions to all operational challenges that the company may encounter on a daily basis. In addition, the Call Center Manager is directly responsible for the elimination of operational and material waste that can negatively impact financial resources and operational processes.
  • •As the primary change agent, the Call Center Manager is in charge of designing, facilitating and leading any appropriate enhancements in the business model and organizational culture to a more competitive structure aligned with market demands. The changes in the business model may be related, but not limited to technological advancements, human capital, process streamlining, service effectiveness, product offerings, price competitiveness, infrastructure improvements, strategic alignments, talent acquisitions, etc.
  • •Responsible for generating, monitoring and distributing key monthly reports, product plans, development schedules, corporate communications plan, strategic and management plans to all key personnel of every department ensuring progress, mitigating operational risks and eliminating negative performance.
  • •Ensures compliance to all regulatory agencies at various levels including federal, state, international, etc. The Call Center Manager must be kept adept in industry’s rules, ethics and regulations at all time and expected to be the foremost example in the Company.
  • •Drafts, researches and reviews contracts, leases and agreements related, but not limited to labor laws, employment agreements, business affiliations, real estates, intellectual properties, marketing & sales, trades, international business, etc.
  • •Fulfills other duties and responsibilities assigned by the CEO and will be directly evaluated, tested and appraised on operational knowledge, industry expertise, market comprehension, trade jargons and business acumen congruent with the above responsibilities.
  • •Excellent judgments in making solid business decisions and proper business acumen to know when to consult the CEO when a decision is not obvious or unclear.
  • •Possesses refined analytical skills in spotting trends and identifying anomalies.
  • •Excellent management skills in task prioritization, upstream and downstream communication.
  • •Exemplary supervisory skills in personnel motivation, employee discipline, team coaching and leadership mentoring.


  • •Bachelor’s degree in hotel & travel management, information technology, engineering or business administration from an accredited 4 year college preferred.
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